Telephone FR : +33 (0)6 09 68 60 35 |Telephone UK : +44 (0)7939 067171 |

Telephone FR : +33 (0)6 09 68 60 35
Telephone UK : +44 (0)7939 067171

About MyFrenchChalet

MyFrenchChalet Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under company registration no 4429330. Official Address: 1, 55 Queens Road, London SW19 8NP, United Kingdom. My French Chalet SARL is a company registered in France, SIRET no 48004379300011. Official Address: 18 Chemin des Planes, Chamonix 74400, France. Both companies have been operating successfully since 2003.

MyFrenchChalet's primary business purpose:
> To provide clients with a good level of short or long term self catered holiday accommodation in resorts of the French Alps
> To provide a full property management service to owners who do or do not require a rental service.
> To provide a chalet furnishing and fitting service to clients purchasing new builds.

MyFrenchChalet is run by Elaine Smith plus a housekeeping and maintenance team. Between them, they keep the chalets in top shape. They all have over a decade of experience, understand the hassle of managing properties abroad and can take that pressure away from you.